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  • October 2016 includes:

    • Study finds exercise is vital to preventing contracting ovarian cancer (34% less risk) AND exercisers have better survival rates after they contract ovarian cancer.
    Coffee in moderation is most likely moderately good for you - Yay!
    Lifestyle vs Genetics vs disease risk - genetics can be an overstated cause of disease if an unhealthy lifestyle is also present.
    • Obesity affects immune function so lose weight if you are obese.
    • Dr Norman Swan's article talks about the real dangers of being physically inactive and says we must exercise or die!

  • July 2016 includes:

    • "Everything in moderation" is good - but what exactly is moderation?
    • If you don't want Cataracts eat some more food containing Vitamin C.
    • Watch out for added Salt in your diet, you will eat more which may contribute to your becoming obese.
    • Is high athletic ability predestined in your genes? See the no brainer answer (yes) in this month's newsletter click above.
    • Dr Norman Swan explains new infant feeding guidelines to prevent food allergy.
    • Eat less charred food to reduce risk of T2 diabetes.

  • June 2016 includes:

    • Latest research says Stretching is good for you but doesn't reduce your risk of injury
    • Is a Vegan diet healthy? Mostly yes with some reservations
    • If your child is a fussy eater read this article.
    • Most people who think they are allergic to antibiotics aren't!
    Coconut oil? yes no & maybe.

  • May 2016 includes:

    • Watch more TV and die early!
    • More fibre in your diet may reduce your risk of breast cancer
    • Is your child texting after lights out?
    • Why women's survival rates after heart attack are lower than men's?
    • Medical research reported in the main stream media may not be as accurate as the real thing, surprise surprise!

  • Mar 2016 includes:

    • Research tries to find which single exercise is the best to lose weight.
    • Getting adequate Vitamin D vs more risk of skin cancer? New research says to watch out for deficiency of Vitamin D in winter!
    Brain Training! It works!
    • Watching horror movies can actually increase risk of developing a blood clot. The fear experienced watching a scary movie is real.

  • Feb 2016 includes:

    • New research tells how to avoid Type 2 Diabetes.
    Childhood obesity rates are soaring, Fructose could be the reason.
    • If you believe you are destined to be fat, you will be!
    • Self-diagnosed Non-Coeliac Gluten sensitivity (NCGS) Is it a myth or a fact?

  • Jan 2016 includes:

    • Watch out - We snack more than we realise!
    Portion distortion - the way food is presented really matters.
    • What is "Absolute Risk?" - Find out more about your personal risk of dying and using that risk percentage to help you make decisions regarding your medication regime.

  • Sep 2015 Includes:

    • Watch out for overconsumption of Salt!
    • Vegetarian diet linked to weight loss
    • Protect yourself from Stroke risk...with a free APP?

  • Aug 2015 Includes:

    • Watch out for overconsumption of Salt!
    • Vegetarian diet linked to weight loss
    • Protect yourself from Stroke risk...with a free APP?

  • July 2015 Includes:

    • Depression and insomnia - What a NIghtmare! Literally!
    • Dr Norman Swan talks about "Glue Ear"
    • Myth or Fact: Darker skin protects against Skin Cancer?

  • June 2015 Includes:

    • High Intensity Exercise is better than just walking
    • Just Keep it Simple! - Eat more Fibre to lose weight!
    • Good news! Drinking Coffee may lower Melanoma Risk!

  • May 2015 Includes:

    • The myth of "Healthy Obesity"
    • Health threat from long hours in front of the computer screen
    • Tomatoes! Get them into you!

  • Feb 2015 Includes:

    • Benefits of a day off (cheat day) during a weight loss regime
    • Milk is better than sports drink to rehydrate after exercise
    • Exercise powers the mind
    • Junk food is bad for teen IQs
    • Dr Norman Swan asks how are your New Year’s resolutions going?
    • Physical activity and alcohol

  • Jan 2015 Includes:

    • Which diet dominates?
    • Stress and our immune system
    • Menu: Vegetarian burrito
    • Poor sense of smell could indicate poor health
    • Lifestyle influences breast cancer risk
    • Dr Norman Swan: One Pinch or Two?
    • myth vs. fact: Attitude towards ‘cheat’ foods



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Author: Dr Norman Hohl